How it works?

CRM/CMS system

To update news, promotions, catalogs and other information in the mobile application, it's enough to login to the application management system and add the necessary information. Here you will see all the necessary analytics about your clients, incomes, etc. You can send targeted notifications to groups of clients.

The mobile application

You can advertise your application in different ways. For example, you give the customer a flyer that has a QR code and a description of the application's features. The client downloads your mobile application on iPhone or Android and enjoys using it.

— Monthly the application brings us additional income, which is 12 times higher than the cost of its support

Restaurant chain «Pizza Mania»

With the help of mobile application you get statistics data about your customer. Now you can see the specific portrait of your target audience. 

Know more about your customers

The mobile application motivates your customers to share in social networks, spread the information about your business and recommend it to your friends.

Attract and retain customers

The phone is always your customer's pocket. Based on the data that you know about them, you can send individual offers.

Communicate personally with every client
Hotels and motels
Service stations
Swimming pools and water parks
Bakeries and confectionery

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Belarus, Minsk

Beauty salons
Fitness centers
Shops and retail chains

Mobile application

for your business

Medical centers
Cafes, bars, restaurants
Мобильное приложение для фитнес центра
Мобильное приложение для салона красоты
Мобильное приложение для кафе, бара, ресторана